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Understanding Essential Oils.

Let's talk about Essential oils!

Essential oils is a term you pet parents have been hearing constantly these days, right? But what exactly are these oils that claim to help with a myriad of things?

Essential oils in literal terms are the essence of plants that have been extracted through steam distillation or other methods.

Some plants contain medicinal properties which work as defense mechanisms that help them repel insects, heal wounds, fight bacteria, control inflammation etc.

Eg: A citronella plant repels mosquitoes due to the aroma it lets out, which is because of its aroma molecule build up.used to repel mosquitoes.

And these specific plants are then used for essential oil extraction. Huge amounts of plant matter are used to extract a small amount of essential oils. Making the oils extremely concentrated and potent.

Essential oils not only help heal topically, but the aroma molecules of essential oils, enter your pets and your nervous system through the nose (the olfactory system) and help internally too, thus working holistically.

Which is why it is very important to know and understand essential oils, since using them without knowledge could cause negative effects too.

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